Monday, November 19, 2012

Remembering Scott Walker's Early Reform Plans

Scott Walker once had a plan to restore ethics and credibility to government.

I posted it earlier this year. Here are the highlights from the posting:
His undated, detailed ethics reform plan appears to have been rolled out during his short-lived run for the 2006 GOP gubernatorial nomination, is still posted on a Friends of Scott Walker campaign website and sure looks ironic now in light of the John Doe probe charges and disclosures. (full text of the Walker plan is below).

This text taken from another posting on Walker's campaign website attributed to a Republican Party chairman introducing Walker at a 2010 campaign speech should make Walker partisans flinch, too:
"Then, after a lot of persuasion and a lot of guts, Scott decided to get into the race for Milwaukee County executive in 2002 on a platform of fiscal conservatism, and returning honesty and integrity to the office of the county executive."
The theft and misconduct charges against former Walker county staffers and the disclosure by John Doe prosecutors of a secret email system for political operatives on set up in the fall of 2009 by a long-time Walker associate and county staffer on county property - - (criminal complaints, here) - - leaves one wondering what the heck happened to this belief that had Walker to announce his big, bold ethics reform plan:
"The culture of government has destroyed the integrity and the idea of public service," said Walker. "My plan seeks to restore the public trust, and instill the confidence that our elected leaders are working for the people," Walker added.

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