Friday, November 16, 2012

GOP Gifts Keep On Coming

Mitt Romney told his big donors this week in a telephone conference call that Barack Obama's "gifts" (read: bribes, like free contraceptives to college-age women) to constituents - - actually, those gifts are properly called governing, not gifting, but let's not argue "G" words and gerunds - - but I'd argue that, since the election, it's the GOP that has been the political environment's not-so-secret Santa:

* Begin with Mitt's revealing "gifts" remarks - - his second unscripted and high-profile condescension towards voters. The first gift in his own words was the famous 47% pronouncement, also made to Romney's true cohort - - big donors. Credit him with consistency that reveals why he lost, topped with fresh bitterness. The winning side gets a bonus when the loser keeps on a self-sabotaging run. It's a freebie.

* Paul Ryan was heard from this week, too, blaming "urban voters" for his defeat. Hmmm...Code for black voters? Code for "Americans," as something like 70% of all voters live in cities? Code for "my neighbors," as data show he and Romney lost Ryan's Janesville hometown by 25 points? Is this is how Republicans reach out to more diverse constituencies? Community organizers across the board say, "thank you."

* Then you have the announcement today that Reince Priebus, fresh off managing the GOP out of what could have been an easy White House win and a US Senate majority, to boot, intends to seek another term as GOP party chairman. This would be like the Boston Red Sox rehiring manager Bobby Valentine for next season, or the Green Bay Packers giving a contract to T. J. Rubley.

If the sports analogies don't work, even with the Google so close by, ask yourself if you'd go out and buy The Lemon Car Of The Year if you already had one stalled and dead in the garage.

(OK, sports' objectors. I will give you one Rubley link. You're on your own for the Bosox. 

* And let's not forget the statement earlier this week by nine Wisconsin GOP/Tea Party legislators or Nov. 6th winners that they supported arresting federal officials who would implement the Affordable Health Care Act in Wisconsin - - a law passed by the Congress, signed by the President and validated by the US Supreme Court. Even leading righty radio talker Charlie Sykes called the legislators crackpots.

But, by all means, don't stop. Any and all gifts will be welcomed, and thank you for your continuing support.


Anonymous said...

I would bet that Reince will get another shot. He seems so certain about everything. Once the rest of the country starts to recover even faster and they see what a sorry state Wisconsin has become, then he might be fired - might. I get the feeling that the Republicans want the world that Reince promises them. Too bad it existed 50 years ago.

Paul Trotter said...

Outstanding !

Reagan's Disciple said...


Your side won by 3% with 50.7% and less votes than in 2008. Let's not pretend the whole country is all happy with Obama and his socialist policies.

Meanwhile, WI will do just fine.