Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walker Back In Carefully-Controlled Campaign Mode

He's back in the display case:

Governor Walker appears unwilling to hold genuinely public sessions prior to the introduction of his 2013-15, or next election cycle budget, so you can expect to see him receive "input" as carefully-staged and packaged as the settings where it'll be offered.

He said he was looking for public input on the [tax] issue, which is beginning Tuesday in Green Bay with his first "Talk with Walker" series of meetings with businesses and their workers around the state.

Sounds more like a campaign raily - - beneficial optics and easy questions - - and less like a real effort to find out what a broader swath of citizens think.

A few days ago Walker told a friendly audience at the Reagan Library and Museum in California about his budget plans for Wisconsin; the timing and setting encouraged speculation that he was laying the foundation for a 2016 presidential run - - which then allowed Walker to humbly deny he had any presidential aspirations.

Call that a political win-win, two-days running.

So you can understand why Walker wishes that pesky John Doe probe would get wrapped up; plea bargains and document drops are undermining another narrative which even showed up, caked in irony, on the Reagan Library and Museum website:

Previously, in 2002, Scott was elected County Executive to reform the scandal-ridden county government.


Anonymous said...

Monday morning on Wisconsin Public Radio, Walker told Joy that the information that he told supporters in California was not new and that he presented that information in LaCrosse last week. Any truth to support his statement?

JB said...

The Walker campaign did post a video of the appearance in LaCrosse three or four days ago -- well after the visit to California -- but I haven't had the time (or willingness) to view it. Here it is if you want to take a gander.
I cannot find any news reports of the small business expo, just some photos in the LaCrosse Tribune.

paul99 said...

It's sad indeed that when these sham alleged public meetings are held, the local media here in Green Bay don't point out the obvious. These are CLOSED meetings and tightly controlled held at supporters place of business.