Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Archive Of Assembly Mining Bill Posts On This Blog, Here

This list may be of some value if you are tracking the ill-fated Assembly mining bill, as what is past is prologue.


Anonymous said...

That “ill fated” assembly bill which easily passed the assembly, has not yet been voted on in the senate. Jauch and Schultz are furiously trying to change a word here and there which will not change the actual effect of the bill, but will give them cover to claim that it is now acceptable. The question is will the republicans throw them this bone or will they just ignore them as they ignored the people in the state who are willing to go to work. Either way, mining will begin very soon.

Anonymous said...

Define: very soon

Will it be 1 year? 3 years? 8 years?

Check the timeline in MN, touted as mining friendly, for how long it takes to resolve the permitting process.

Even if something as irresponsible as AB426 is passed, there still will be a time lag for federal approvals. And don't kid yourself that there won't be a prolonged litigation process, as well.


Anonymous said...

Ummm... Yes. It has been voted down.

Anonymous said...

AB 426 was never voted on in the senate. it was pulled off of the table after Tim Carpenter threw his constituents under the bus and locked step with his political party by voting against an amendment which showed his opposition to the bill which would have brought manufacturing jobs to his district.

There will be no vote on any mining bill in the senate until the outcome of that vote has already been decided, and it has now been already decided.