Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Robin Vos, New WI Assembly Leader, Says We're Headed For "Socialized Medicine"

The new Republican Speaker-elect from Burlington also tells talker Charlie Sykes on AM 620 WTMJ this morning that he does not agree with his nine colleagues who want federal officials arrested for implementing Obamacare, but respects their right to that opinion.

For a couple of days, Sykes has been calling out "crackpots" in the party whose "crazy talk" cost the GOP supposedly safe seats in this election cycle.

It's been interesting to hear Sykes wrestle with his deepest, Tea-sipping red callers, including State Rep. Chris Kapanga, who came on the defend his 'arrest-the-bureaucrats' demand and embrace the kind of nullification thinking - - where the state can overrule federal law - - that was popular in the pre-Civil War South.

"This is not going to happen," Sykes said, after Kapanga was done.

Then the talker let out a sigh and told one caller that the crackpots will destroy Scott Walker if he is forced to identify with nullification and "bizarre," John C. Calhoun" thinking.

None the less, Sykes' screener informs the host that the callers don't agree.
Bizarre carries the day, nullifying the host.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I only wish we WERE headed for socialized medicine. It would reduce a huge drag on the economy.

A. Wag said...

Dr Frankenstein, I presume?