Friday, November 23, 2012

Why Walker Wants To End Election-Day Voter Registration

The headline on this Journal Sentinel story says it all:

Same-day registrations were popular on Milwaukee campuses


Anonymous said...

The weak, who have feared too much to accomplish anything themselves, will always find faults with those who have actually achieved greatness among the many. It is one thing to be popular among your little group of acquaintances, but it is quite another to rise to the level that the majority of the people in a state will look up to, admire, and trust the leadership of. Scott Walker has now won two elections In a single term and is ready to exercise the power that this gives him.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Speaking of weak, what the hell is that empty comment supposed to mean?

A majority of people in this state certainly does not approve or look up to this incompetent criminal in the Governor's Office, but all he needs is a majority of VOTERS on Election Day to stay in power.

And that's what this attempt to limit same-day registration is all about, isn't it? It's always politics > good policy with these people.

Nixon said...

@1:54: how do we describe thee?one who worships a demagog? One who is delusional?
If you look at the exit polls in the recall election you will notice that many people voted for your political sociopath because they felt it was wrong to recall him. You will also note that many people who voted to retrain Walker would also vote for Obama. Walker may have some presidential aspirations but to swing to the far right is exactly what defeated the Republicons nationally and in the US senate seat in Wisconsin. The only reason Walker gained a majority in both houses was the secret gerrymandering done by the Republicons. Without that gerrymandering Walker would not have total control. If he does not swing more to center he will indeed lose in 2014. Or he will be indicted. Wisconsin's voters are smarter than you think. Obama won by 200,000 votes. Walker I'm sure looked at that and blamed it on same day registration. So 1:45pm - who are you and what are you drinking? Kool Aid?