Thursday, November 22, 2012

Walker's "Ethics" Plans Are Laughable

Walker's political posse is revealed as cravenly one-dimensional and cold-hearted in the face of tragedy.

Even the Journal Sentinel, which routinely endorsed his candidacies, now calls some of the recent revelations "seamy." 

Ya think?

But laughably two-faced when it came to his sitting atop and managing an ethically-grounded campaign - - a requirement, you'd presume, of public service.

It's hard to keep up with the jokes in this Scott Walker ethics reform plan still decorating a Walker campaign web page  - - but as more of his associates and appointees are headed for trial, sentencing and jail, and this is turkey day, here's a little morsel from the Walker files still tasty after all these years.

Match up the disclosure that Walket's campaign staff was directing public employees' work and vetting official communications - - sort of a shadow government with Walker's career as its goal - - with this pledge from a purportedly-reform-minded Scott Walker when he eye the Governor's Office in 2006:

  • Scott Walker will require every member of his administration to attend ethics training every two years to ensure that all executive staff members are aware of ethics standards and laws.
"My plan seeks to restore the public trust, and instill the confidence that our elected leaders are working for the people," Walker added.


Anonymous said...

Scott Walker was chosen by God to lead Wisconsin. He will not waver in his judgment nor change his mind. What he has decided to do, he will do. The senate majority now gives him full power to do what he has been ordained to do. Cynical potshots from wimpy blogsters are too inconsequential for him to even notice while he prepares the next bomb to be dropped in the January legislative session.

enoughalready said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoys time spent with family and friends. Thanks, James, for all of your outstanding work on this blog, and for providing a forum for us to comment.

James Rowen said...

To ER - - Thank you.

Anonymous said...

At 6:28 AM: I'm not sure you're being sarcastic or truly believe what you say.

Anonymous said...

Victory, power and strength are the only ethics to be honored. Both Scott Walker and Scott Fitzgerald have now survived recalls, reaffirming a mandate from the people which is now bombproof with majorities in both the assembly and the senate. The Democrats will be treated politely and humanely as they are led to the slaughter; again, the height of ethics.

Anonymous said...

12:06 : you wound like Hitler to me.

L said...

Mr. Anon No. 1, you are not contributing anything to the issue at hand. With all due respect, please STFU and let the adults speak.

Anonymous said...

I tree with L!