Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mining Advocates Pledge Interest In Environmental Protection; Their Actions Suggest Otherwise

Scott Walker and his allies are talking about bringing back a mining bill more bi-partisan and environmentally-sensitive than last year's Assembly-driven, industry-influenced debacle:

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau), the incoming Senate majority leader, said he was open to some new ideas coming out of the hearings.

"I'd love to sit down with [Janesville Democratic Senator Tim] Cullen and pick his brain," Fitzgerald said. "Absolutely, I'd love to have a bipartisan bill."
Please: Walker & Co. have as much dedication to a cleaner Wisconsin as the transfat producers have to a leaner Wisconsin.

Walker during the last two years has pushed for ending the state's recycling program, and rolling back historic wetlands protections.

He installed industry representatives in top regulatory and administrative positions at the DNR.

He and his legislative allies obstructed wind farms, killed rail programs, weakened efforts to control phosphorus-runoff, and looked the other way when it came time to bring legal action against polluters.

And the mining bill had such a stench - - (an archive of posts, here) - - that even a GOP-controlled Senate couldn't pass it.

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters documented much of the Walker 'environmental' record just a few months ago.

And when Gov. Walker says he's for mining that protects the environment, look no further for his notion of environmental protection than his recent support for continued dumping of coal ash by the multiple ton into Lake Michigan by the S.S. Badger.

"Extend their permit," he said - - though the ship's owners have had years to convert their boiler or to find on-shore ash disposal methods.


Anonymous said...

Getting those wolves out of the way of the miners will also help get things going. We are now hearing that things are going to start happening pretty fast, now that we tossed a few more job killing democrats out of the senate.

Anonymous said...

The question is what rights do the Treaty Rights of the Six Wisconsin Chippewa Bands have?

Does Walker think he can unilaterally dictate to the tribes what mining will occur within the ceded tribal territories. Within the Sovereign Nation's tribal lands?

Anonymous said...

perhaps you don't understand what ceded lands mean. There is no proposed mining within any tribal lands.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:54

Oh really according to who?


Reagan's Disciple said...

Dig Baby, Dig!

Anonymous said...

The description of Fitzy picking over Cullen's brain is unsettling. Brings to mind a vulture.

Anonymous said...

Dig in your own damn backyard if you're so gung-ho. Do you know anything at all about the region?


Anonymous said...

What kind of moron would happily use iron and energy but then oppose the process required to produce it?? That's right: a Madison liberal.

bucky said...

Worst governor ever. About the only thing he's succeeded at is his pledge to divide and conquer. Couldn't graduate college even though he was cheating. Lied about the deficit(there was none, the assembly proposed a 7% budget increase across the board and yeah if they would of passed an increase in expenditures by that much in one year there would of been one but never was). Is under TWO criminal investigations, the only governor in our history to have that honor. The only governor without a college degree in the country. The worst job losses in the country. Denied federal money for rail to spite the face; had to pay $200 MILLION out of our revenue instead. Talked about planting trouble makers at the madison protests. Spends 100,000's of dollars at fancy restaurants though he ran on some phoney baloney brown bag b.s. Employs embezzlers and pedophiles. What a pathological lying wierdo only surpassed by his know nothing ignorant cultists. So much for this hypocritical holier then thou WWJD?!