Monday, November 14, 2011

Recall Walker For Deeds And Duplicity

Just reiterating that Walker's actions, unmasked by repeated PolitiFact "false" ratings of the words he chooses to explain them, and a penchant for official duplicity are more than enough reason to send him packing, as I summarized a few days ago.

I've limited my argument to key actions by Walker that he made worse with the heavy-handed use of state power, or through false statements or spin concocted to confuse the public and evade responsibility for his words and deeds, and their consequences.

Recall by the electorate - - a State Constitutional right and duty in perilous times - - should present little fear of the unknown to Walker, as it is the very procedure that paved his path to the Governor's Mansion after succeeding the recalled and discredited Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament into that office in 2002.

But is Walker, the Eagle Scout, up to the challenge and willing to play fair and square?

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