Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Berlin Columnist Debunks The "One Issue" Recall Argument

Blogger Linda Richter - - remember her, the voice of reason more than once in and about New Berlin - - posts another great piece on

Here's just the opening from her piece in this Journal Communications online publication:

Some complain that Gov. Walker should not be recalled over “one issue”.

One issue?

According to the Journal Sentinel: In 2002, Citizens for Responsible Government launched a recall campaign against Milwaukee County Executive  F. Thomas Ament.

A month later, Ament resigned. Scott Walker was elected County Executive.

During 2002-2003, seven county supervisors who voted for the pension deal, lost recall elections.

Ah, wasn’t their ouster about one issue---pensions?!!!!

The unsuccessful recall Laura Karvala’s Concerned Citizens of New Berlin political group launched against Mayor Chiovatero last year was primarily about one issue: the mayor’s vote on the Plan Commission regarding workforce housing at the City Center. 
The recall fizzled when CCNB failed to get the number of signatures required to hold a recall election.

The Walker recall is about more than one issue. 

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