Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recall Saboteurs Only Following Their Elders' Examples

The Caledonia Patch has done some fine reporting and finds that, yes, there are Scott Walker backers who intend to gather valid recall signatures on valid petitions from voters in favor of recalling the Governor - - and then intend to destroy those petitions to undermine the effort statewide.

Election fraud? How about theft, and conspiracy?

Caledonia Patch also quotes one man who said he has decided that such sand-bagging -- called a felony by the Government Accountability Board - - is the wrong thing to do and he will indeed turn in his signatures.

I'm still waiting for the Attorney General to say and do something about this Facebook-announced, brazen scheme to poison an election, but it really shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that people want to tilt and scam election processes in Wisconsin.

Look at what the Legislature or Walker sympathizers have done in the last few months:

*  Thrown up roadblocks to registration and voting through an unneeded, but partisan-based Voter ID bill.

*  Further tinkered with elections by pushing the traditional September primary to summer-vacation August - - thus tamping down turnout in generally-Democratic campus wards.

*  Rushed through a redistricting plan that not only drew outrageously partisan boundaries to protect Republicans and gerrymander away Democrats but essentially disfranchised something like 300,000 state senate voters by moving them into districts without a routinely scheduled election.

*  And a Walker-backer enabled the Governor to get a ten-day jump-start on unlimited recall fund-raising with the formal registration of a recall committee, suggesting that the filing, though legal, was a ruse.

No wonder these knuckleheads figured it was OK to monkey-around with the petition and signature process. The people in charge who raised their right hands and took oaths to uphold the law have been monkeying-around with election law and processes all year.

Monkey see, monkey do.


nonquixote said...

And the Walker regime redistricting actions taken prior the normal process of waiting for local districts to be providing their input, says what about local control or people having any say in their own political control?

A. Wag said...

Monkey see, Mokey do . . . . here on Planet of the Apes.

Ron R said...

There is no such thing as election fraud. You posted on this many times.

James Rowen said...

Ron R: Oh, I get it:

There have been a handful of individual cases reported in WI, something like 0.000005 percent of eligible voters in a recent presidential election.

Now we are seeing a coordinated effort to wreck an entire election.

Surely not you rpoint.