Friday, November 25, 2011

Walker, Fitzgeralds, Jeff Stone Singing GOP Hymn, 'Mission Accomplished'

The headline on a fine Jim Stingl column says it all:

Sometimes it's tough to get ID for voting

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Paul Trotter said...

It was a great article. I spent 1.5 hours just getting my 8 year driver's license renewed. Keep in mind that birth certificates ( you may need one to get an ID) are not free in Milwaukee County or anywhere else and if you don't have a birth certificate another 2 hour or more adventure to the courthouse is required. Notice that if you are blind, deaf and disabled or can't read, obtaining a free ID is very difficult under the current DMV rules where the only notification of a free ID for voting are strictly visual.They have big flat screens advertising lawyers and car dealerships but no accommodations for the handicapped.The signs are small and below eye level. Minimal and restrictive notifications! I would think that some advocacy group would be interested in exploring this clear violation.