Tuesday, November 15, 2011

JB Van Hollen "Call To Action" Needed Here And Now

Attorney General JB Van Hollen has put out a news release about the Penn State sex abuse scandal.

He says it's "a call to action."

And urges Wisconsin residents to report any such crime immediately to the police.

Agreed: That's the right thing for a law enforcement official - - as it is for any good citizen - -  to say and to promote - - and now that Van Hollen has urged action based on something happening a thousand miles away, how about some action on matters happening right now in Van Hollen's backyard:

Has he taken leadership in investigating the alleged cyber attack on the main Walker recall organization's website Monday?

In his news release about Penn State, Van Hollen says what is absolutely true:  

You must get law enforcement involved immediately. 
And in that spirit - - without diminishing its importance in the context in which Van Hollen writes it - -  who better than the Attorney General, our top law enforcement official, to move against the open advocacy of election fraud by Facebook posters who have said they intend to gather Walker recall signatures under false pretenses, then tear up petitions signed by recall advocates in good faith.

Has he interviewed these election fraudsters?

Is he going to issue a statement warning against such discussion, and action?

Will he suggest people call the authorities when they see evidence of this advocacy - - on Facebook to their own front porch?

Will our Attorney General pay closer attention to violations of the law right here at home?

Where is the "call to action?"

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