Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Day, Another Fresh PolitiFact "False" Rating For Scott Walker

PolitiFact on Sunday in the Journal Sentinel finds that Gov. Scott Walker played with data about school staffing to support a claim about state budget.

The conclusion:

Walker referred to school survey results, saying "the overwhelming number of districts saw that staffing was the same or greater."

But he cherry-picked figures in his favor, leaving out a key factor -- retirements -- that formed the basis of the survey’s conclusions on overall staffing reductions. When they are included, the survey actually shows the opposite of what he said.

We rate his statement False.
How many times will Walker embarrass himself and our state with behavior like this?  The PolitiFact score sheet for Walker shows that 25 of 37 statements vetted were rated "Mostly False...False...or Pants on Fire," or 68%.

Pathology or propaganda? This is not politics as usual and represent unacceptable options for the people of Wisconsin.

Here's the bottom line underscoring Walker's inveterate relationship with facts and truth-telling:

Our governor has not had a "Mostly True," or "True" PolitiFact rating since May 8th, and now more than two-thirds of his ratings are "Mostly False" or worse, the record shows. 

Walker's statements by ruling

Click on the ruling to see all of Walker's statements for that ruling.


Anonymous said...

The son of a preacher! How embarrassing.

enoughalready said...

And the Journal Sentinel editorial board claims the recall is about just one issue! Hello? The man's character is in very serious doubt, and always has been; so he never should have been endorsed by that paper in the fisrt place.