Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kleefisch Cold Calls Would Land State On "Do Not Call" Lists

Your Lt. Gov. at work. The tape is telling. Little wonder that Wisconsin showed up dead last month in job creation, and that Illinois businesses are not taking the Walker/Kleefisch relocation bait.

You can see why Chicago TV news anchor Bill Kurtis chuckles when says he loves the story.

And the snickering continues after Kleefisch strikes out with a PR firm and firm.

Final question: why would Kleefisch's handlers let her fail on tape?

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Boxer said...

And we thought cheese head hats, drunk drivers, and Jeff Dahmer embarrassed us before the nation. Now we have Becky playing Business Girl on her phone: "I'm a Mom!"
How childish and unprofessional.

Apparently this tactic worked so well that she is now qualified to travel the state hosting business roundtables to share her acquired wisdom with Wisconsin businesses.

I'll give her this: she knows how to put a serious look on her face. Guess she's had a lot of practice from her years playing a newsperson on TV.