Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Have The Answer About Herman Cain!

Is he really prepared for or serve as President of The United States?

His videotaped appearance at the Journal Sentinel board Monday clears that up:

Nein, nein, nein.


Reagan's Disciple said...

Cain is not qualified to be President (btw-just as Obama was not qualified when he won.)

Not only is Cain not qualified, he hasn't even taken the basic steps to appear that he is qualified by studying some pretty basic information.

Now with Perry taking himself out(although he could still resurface) that leaves us conservatives with the rino Mitt & a recycled Newt.... not real exciting.

Romney beats Obama, the others will be decided underdogs... however still capable of winning in the general election.

James Rowen said...

Obama was intellectually up to the job. He read, studied, and absorbed information as a professor, state senator and US Senator.

Cain appears to have not read a newspaper or watched more than his own pizza commercials on TV. For years.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Completely agree about Cain.

Obama did have the intellect and oratory skills to capture the county. I also believe he had some grand ideas that may have appealed to a large segment in society.

However, other than his healthcare, he really has not done a good job on following through with these campaign promises. Yes he has been stifled since the Repubs took Congress, but skillful Presidents can work through things like that (ala Clinton) and still get bills passed and find some joint accomplishments which benefit everyone.

I just believe that Obama could have used a few more years of seasoning before running for POTUS and that may have helped him move forward on some of these things.

In the end, whoever our POTUS is I want them to succeed, albeit not necessarily with just their own ideas and beliefs, but with a solid compromise from both sides.

James Rowen said...

Obama is facing a united front in the Congress determined to bring him down, and Senate rules mean 40 votes can block most anything of substance.

Mitch McConnell's infamous remark that his #1 goal was to make Obama a one-term President spoke volumes about bi-partisanship.

Throw in the Tea Partiers, and Republicans will say "No" in lockstep.