Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walker's Habitual Fact-Free Fibbing And The Talk Radio Effect

I'm still amazed that our Governor has had 37 statements vetted by PolitiFact, and 25 of them, or 68%, are rated "Mostly False," "False," or "Pants on Fire."

He got #25 on Nov. 15th:

Here's the complete scorecard, and he's had no ruling of "Mostly True," or "True" since May 8th.

Walker's statements by ruling

Click on the ruling to see all of Walker's statements for that ruling.
Even Huffington Post noted the core "False" rating about his collective bargaining plans - - the event that set the recall in motion and has roiled the state for nine months, and counting:
Walker"I campaigned on (the proposals in the budget repair bill for Wisconsin) all throughout the election. Anybody who says they are shocked on this has been asleep for the past two years."
Scott Walker on Monday, February 21st, 2011 in a news conference
I've wondered why or how this could continue to play out this way, noting that just this Sunday Walker picked up his latest "False" rating, and I'm sticking with theory I wrote about a few months ago:

He's still in talk radio mode.

In the nearly eight years that he served as Milwaukee County Executive, Walker would often talk on local conservative talk radio air, particularly with AM 620 WTMJ host Charlie Sykes, and these appearances and the Q&A, such as it was, were basically Valentines during which Walker could just talk, talk, talk without any real challenge by the host.
And if there were mistakes, well, no harm, no foul.Here's a telling example:

The Name Of The MPS School Board President Is Not Barry Bonds

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Paul Trotter said...

Walker is preaching to a diminishing choir on these right wing puppet shows. I swear all of them get the same talking points to squak about.