Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Illinois Winning Jobs Battle Despite Walker-Kleefisch Wacky Tactics

Illinois cleaned Wisconsin's clock in job creation last month even though Scott Walker thought he had that issue covered by putting up his silly and now self-parodying signs at the Illinois border - -

ROCK COUNTY (WKOW) -- Gov. Scott Walker unveiled new road signs today announcing that Wisconsin is open for business.

Gov. Walker puts up new signs targeted at Illinois businesses

Posted: Jan 18, 2011 8:11 AM CST

- - but Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, sent out into the world with absolutely zero experience in the world of job creation, was talking jobs trash at a meeting in St. Louis just months ago:
"Illinois, we're coming your way...
And by the way: did taxpayers in our broke state pay for her trip to that meeting - - of the 2011 Smart Girl Summit?

       Join Herman Cain, Phyllis Schlafly, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, Deneen Borelli, and Dana Loesch!!!  

Smart Girl Politics Action is proud to announce details for Smart Girl Summit 2011.  SGS11 will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown St. Louis on July 29 and 30.  The 3rd Annual Smart Girl Summit will bring together top conservative voices with activists like you. This is a conference by conservative women, for conservative women (and some conservative men!).

The $125 Ticket price includes Friday night's banquet dinner, lunch on Saturday, and in usual SGP fashion your SGS swag bag. 
And what was in her SGS "swag bag?"

Remember. too that it was Kleefisch who tried recruiting cold calls to Illinois employers, but the jobs numbers in favor of Illinois last month - - their +30,000, ours was a -9,700 - - show that didn't cut it.


A. Wag said...

Those signs look temporary. What does Walker know that he's not telling us?

A. Wag said...

I never listened to the tape of Kleefisch until now--what an amateur! The Open for Business signs look like they were made by a bunch of 7th graders in shop class. It's worse than I thought: There IS no plan, no wizard behind the curtain, no lights on in the attic. These people have no idea what they have done or what they're doing. Woe is us.
In the face of this level of incompetence, I don't feel so funny any more.