Friday, November 25, 2011

Posting About Walker Now Rated #6 In All-Time Hits On This Blog

The posting - -  (Updated, one half-hour after this post went up) the 6th 4th  (Updated again, 3rd-most-viewed post, three hours after it went up) is now as of Saturday morning the 2nd-most read item the #1 posting ever on this blog out of more than 8,700 posts put up since early 2007 - - was about a Walker "False" PolitiFact claim hitting nationally through Huffington Post.

I love seeing Walker's false claim about campaigning on a union-busting platform featured in this Huffington Post story.
While Walker may have indeed run on a broader "what's right for Wisconsin" platform, his oft-repeated suggestions that his post-election moves are entirely in line with his campaign-era promises don't appear to stand up.

Politifact has deemed "False" Walker's claim that he campaigned throughout the election on even the most controversial proposals contained in the budget repair bill -- such as ending collective bargaining rights for public workers.
This has been a theme on this blog for months, and it needs to be highlighted in publicity about Walker and the need for his recall.

Pretty cool over a holiday weekend, which is usually a slow time for blogging.

And thanks to the Madison Capital Times for a link today, too.


Paul Trotter said...

James- extremely talented! Love your blogs. I look forward to your blogs each day. i relish the WW sharing of them daily. There is nothing quite like a Rowen blog! NOTHING!

James Rowen said...

Thank you, Paul That's very nice. I appreciate that you are a reader.