Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walker Tax Breaks For Businesses, 'Job Creators' Fall Flat

Wisconsin led the nation in job losses last month, the AP reports, so in light of this #1 ranking, where Bucky beat out even the big states, like New York, we ask:

Where are the jobs that Scott Walker's business and upper-income earner tax breaks were supposed to create? Or how about stemming the losses?

Little wonder that the Department of Revenue has said Walker cannot meet his promised goal of 250,000 new jobs in four years.

And what spin will the administration put on the data, because Walker and his people will never say their policies are failing.

Look for blame to be case everywhere else, from Greece to Obama to Doyle.

And remember that some of Walker tax breaks even preceded the adoption of his budget, where round #2 then took place, but when it came to aiding laid-off workers there was no sense of urgency.

Walker did keep his campaign promises to lower taxes on businesses, but the premise of the promise was that the job creators would take their state-inspired windfalls and reinvest them into new plants, purchasing and expansion that would create jobs.

The new numbers, ill-timed and no doubt embarrassing for a governor facing recall, unmask the fallacy of giving money away through tax policy to create employment.

So Walker should reap what he sowed through political payoffs made on schedule to corporate leaders and upper-income donors:

Pain at the ballot box directly tied to failed policies and falling payrolls.


Max B said...

But the ads tell us, "It's working!"

Those ads are bitterly laughable on so many levels: besides outright lying about the same set of facts we all have access to, even IF the spring-passed legislation was working, it would be far too early to be able to tell. Secondly, the special "jobs creation" legislative session ended just a couple of weeks ago without passing any actual bills that could generate jobs. Finally, and most importantly, it's a hugely arrogant overreach to think that you, one Governor, and your lock-step legislative houses, can turn this this tough economy around, with all of its national and international market forces, politics and economies working on Wisconsin in ways that no one here has any control over. Unless you knew that you wouldn't be able to keep your promises past the election but calculated that the poor folks would be too busy trying to house, feed and clothe themselves to do anything about it. A bitter calculation indeed.

ZyCarb said...
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Anonymous said...

Walker seems to think that business owners are as stupid as the rubes he buses in for his rallies.

He needs to understand that anyone who owns a large company knows that tax breaks come and go. What brings businesses to Wisconsin is sound fundamentals, which he has been gutting completely.

The only people Walker can attract with his gimmicks are the fly by night businesses that will abandon Wisconsin as soon as another suitor comes along.