Friday, November 25, 2011

Cry Me A River

Recall signature gathering on Black Friday upsets Walkerites.



Anonymous said...

Yup, these folks are scared. I was with a group that worked a mall today and got a good number of signatures. Not only didn't we harrass anyone, we simply stood there, held signs, and let people come to us. We did not push the petitions on anyone. We were entirely on public property. The good response indicates a large share of the populace has had it with Scott Walker. Boo hoo indeed.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Not scared, just tired of the antics and inability of the left to accept their defeat in the 2010 election.

Paul Trotter said...

Worked Pick and Save, Menrards ( heard a complaint from a worker about the anti union stance at Menards) and Walgreens (35th) today- no complaints form anyone - people are angry - heard plenty of cuss words aimed at Walker. Worked the McDondalds on Good Hope and Teutonia - no problems gathering inside. It takes time to gather sigs - at least 5 minutes for Walker and Barbie.

Look - there is no harrassment going on here to gather signatures. In many cases they come to us.

What's the matter with malls Walker- did you forget your own statements when Ament was recalled.

Paul Trotter said...

Aw Reagan - there ya go again- that old accepting defeat talking point. We accept defeat. We do accept the fact that Walker won in 2010. We don't accept his morally deceitful bomb dropping policies. You continue to think that defeat means complete and unconditional acceptance of a politician's actions. You are so mislead.

You may not be scared but I suspect Walker based on his recent speech patterns, eye movements and puffy face is feeling the inevitable of facing a true epic downfall created by his own alter ego. Waukesha ain't gonna bail him out this time Reagan.