Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The WI Club For Growth Hopes To Undermine Recall Petitioners

In its regular Wednesday email, the pro-Walker righties offer this little plan:

We eagerly await the knock on our door. We’ll ask the petition circulator to help us understand why Scott Walker should be removed from office.

We hope they take a long time explaining, because every minute they spend failing to get our signature is a minute they don’t spend getting someone else’s. It’s fun to be a subversive.


Anonymous said...

As Muhammad Ali said to George Foreman during their epic fight: "Is that all you got?" This is neither original nor effective; it also assumes we are gullible and stupid. Anyway, we are not going to waste time trolling Club for Growth type wealthy neighborhoods. I know the Rethugs will do everything they can to throw sand in the gears, but all this does is maybe make them feel good and smug.

cr8f said...

That's a plan? Seriously?

Boxer said...

If they're not worried, why all the elaborate plans (a multi-pronged attack) to subvert the recall?