Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Headline Writer Flubs Wisconsin Job Loss Story

Wisconsin led the nation in job losses last month, and eight hours after AP moved its story, this is the best a Journal Sentinel headline writer could muster?

Wisconsin lags nation in payroll growth

On top of a Bloomberg News Service account?

C'mon: Where's the juice, the political analysis?


Paul Trotter said...

Yet one of their headlines today was 250 jobs to be added for a software company. Glad for jobs but don't like their journalistic ethics !

Paul Trotter said...

Just called them!

Shameless bias!

Paul Trotter said...

The reporter seemed genuinely interested in the fact that a business section post was revealing that Wisconsin had the worst job losses in the country and Illinois had job growth! We shall see where this goes.

The business section is not an appropriate place for this damaging news.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And this is one of the biggest dead-fish newspaper days of the year, due to the Black Friday ad inserts. If the J-S decided to bury this huge news off the front page, but instead mention a photo op for a company that might add 250 jobs in the next 5 years, THAT IS CLEAR BIAS.

Between this, the race-baiting articles on Lena Taylor and the young recall signers, and the fact that Journal Communications pays Charles Sykes' and Jeff Wagner's salary, it is clear that Journal Communications is doubling down on their failed endorsement of Scott Walker.

It's time to take back the Milwaukee media, and make their advertisers pay.