Monday, November 21, 2011

Tommy Thompson Channels Brett Favre, Farm Boy

Remember good ol' Brett Favre (amazingly, mentioned at this blog, here, by the way), lovin' that tractor of his and milkin' it for all it was worth?

Brett Favre NYC tractor card
Well, he's got nuthin' on Elroy, WI farm boy Tommy Thompson, as he tells it to Mike Gousha beginning at about the 8:00 mark in this videotaped appearance:
"I still farm in Elroy, Wisconsin.  I'm farming 700 acres-- I'll be on my tractor this week, before Thanksgiving, harvesting corn... I'm still the farmer from Elroy, Wisconsin and I'm proud of it-- and the proudest days are when I'm on my tractor, on my farm in Elroy, lookin at my cattle and, uh, cultivating, plowing...

Heck, that Tommy says he never moved to Washington, DC, so it was a Tommy the Farmer Impersonator who was in George Bush's cabinet, then a partner in a leading DC law firm and corporate insider through the law firm, and property-magnate in the DC area flipping properties.

So to be clear, the guy running for the US Senate is Tommy the tractor driver - - not the hired gun with, by one count, 42 business connections following his Bush cabinet service.

Or the one who ran for President of these United States. Really.

Hat tip, JL at Uppity Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

why so skeptical? that was homemade corn mash tommy was swigging out of a jug before he made his (in)famous speech at lambeau field.

enoughalready said...

I always thought Tommy was trying to be a Republican version of Jimmy Carter.