Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Notice That Walker Can Set Election Rules That Effect Him Personally

And this guy had the gall this morning on Charlie Sykes' radio to complain about the recall he is likely to face as a power move even as he is set to rule with newly-acquired powers on election procedures that will help determine the number of votes cast in state elections - - beginning with that very same recall election he is likely this spring.

The Government Accountability Board, which runs state elections, determined in September that technical college IDs could not be used under the state's new voter ID law, but reversed itself this month and said they could be.

But on Tuesday, Republicans who control the Legislature's Joint Committee for the Review of Administrative Rules raised concerns about allowing those IDs and ordered the accountability board to write administrative rules on its policy.

The committee's vote was 6-4, along party lines.

Either GOP Gov. Scott Walker or the committee can block the rules. Some Republicans on the committee said, however, that they might not ultimately prevent technical college IDs from being used.
Prior to Walker, governors did not have the power to kill administrative rules, and now Walker can even set policy through rule-making for independent bodies, like the GAB, which is run by a board of retired judges and civil service staff.

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