Monday, November 21, 2011

Jeff Wagner Makes Outrageous Claim On TMJ Radio Today

He said up to 20% of the signatures on Walker recall petitions would be bogus, then put on the air a caller who claimed people from Illinois were driving across the border to sign petitions.

The right must know Walker is in trouble if they are already claiming fraud with the recall process is just a few days old.

And isn't it interesting that when the right wants to make an accusation, it falls back on those "people from Illinois."

The last time Wisconsin conservative to make that allegation was State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, remember?


Anonymous said...

The absurd is what I expect from Wagner. These guys are worried. A neighbor of a friend went to the Packer game and set up to sign petitions in the parking lot. She was shouted and sworn at by Walkerites, who also elbowed people while they signed so that they would mess up and have to do it over. My sister is with a group that does drive-throughs in Madison. On one occasion a guy in a car tore up the petition and drove away; in another a guy just drove off with the clipboard. They got the license numbers and reported both to the police. If Walker and Co. were so confident they can win the recall "debate," they wouldn't have to make these claims and do these things. All it should do is motivate all of us to work longer and harder and toss this bum. Just picture TV footage of King Scottie leaving his Capitol office with his possessions in a cardboard box.

Anonymous said...

What an ass...feeding into the right wing propaganda machine like the lie about voter fraud being wide spread!

Sounds like something out of Charlie Sykes mouth!

Paul Trotter said...

Aw Jeffy- what's the matter- isn't your team's message working?