Monday, November 21, 2011

For Your Recall Walker Publications, Posts and Arguments - - A Small Archive

Thought I''d put together and post some links to items, audio, and video supporting the case for the recall of Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. Feel free to circulate, supplement:

* My case for Walker's removal.

* When Republicans like recalls. Includes a link to Walker's 2010 pro-recall commercial.

* Where the so-called "one-issue" recall argument is nicely knocked down.

* Jobs, no. We were getting jobbed from Day One, and through the Special Session, yes?

* How ideology feeds recall fervor.

* Walker benefits from, tolerates election fakery, one-sided law and enforcement.

* 24 years of denial and deceit, and counting.

* Two-thirds of Walker's PolitiFact ratings are "mostly false," or worse.

* Rewarding the rich, hammering the poor. 

* Upending 224 years of public waterway ownership, stewardship, for special interests.

* Eagle Scout, religious values touted, tossed out the window.

* Concealed guns for the untrained carriers OK'ed in State Capitol; cameras and signs banned.

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