Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Voters Reject Fake Wisconsin Recall Candidates - - But There Have Been Costs

The fake Democrats that Republicans fielded in six recall elections Tuesday created campaigns that weren't contests as we expect them to be - - battles among candidates on opposite sides of the ballot and issues by individuals and parties genuinely in opposition to each other.

Rather, the Republican Party of Wisconsin used the election process, and actually the Democrats' portion of the ballot as a meddlesome tactic - - to stretch out the recall election cycle, confuse voters - - look at the mess in Glendale, where officials closed all but one of its polling places, leading to a long line and voters unsure where to vote - - and to buy time for their candidates to raise money.

Is this the new Wisconsin standard: deliberately messing with the election process?

Campaign strategy over content?

Party power over authentic public interest?

Integrity over honesty?

Wasn't the process debacle in Waukesha County during the State Supreme Court race in April enough?

I think fake candidates as a party's official plan is a low for partisan politicking in the state.

Also don't forget that the unneeded primaries cooked up by scheming Republicans cost taxpayers an estimated $470,000, so going to win control of the Senate in the general elections next month - - elections that should have been held this month - - would be sweet justice for Democrats and the integrity of the election process, too.


Reagan's Disciple said...

The low for partisan politicking (and it is not even close) in this state is still the 14 democrats who fled to Illinois.

Kind of ironic that the democrats who stop at nothing to get their way suddenly claim to have some moral ground that this is a new low in WI politics?

Ron R said...

The cardinal rule of elections is there will always be liberals that are confused about where to vote or who to vote for if their party elite or union heads aren't there to hold their hands.