Sunday, July 24, 2011

Minnesota Found Even More New Jobs Last Month Than Did Wisconsin, But...

Minnesota data suggests the employment is seasonal, so when the kids go back to school in the fall?

Minnesota's golf courses, hotel and restaurant owners led the way as the state added 13,200 jobs during June -- a healthy increase considering that the national economy added just 18,000 jobs last month...

For June, Minnesota's largest job gains were in the leisure and hospitality sector, which added 8,000 jobs.

Trade, transportation and utilities added 5,000 jobs, mostly thanks to retailers.

Meanwhile, the construction sector shed 2,200 jobs in June despite warm weather and the usual rush of highway and bridge repairs. The lackluster housing industry continues to keep construction jobs scarce.
Wisconsin numbers and discussion, here.


Anonymous said...

How significant is this "improvement" if it's all (mostly) seasonal low-skilled temp jobs in Tourism and related?
meh. We'll have to take it in the backside again numbers-wise in Sept when those jobs go bye-bye? Just more short-term focus and foolishness on the part of Politicians.
The "real mens'" jobs in construction would be the ones that "count" as economic health indicators in my humble.. and those are not good.

Anonymous said...

btw I suppose I could have just said "yeah" or, "I agree" and so I dragged it out needlessly. but did you know you can get rejected over at Blogging Blue for "too short comment" ?
The only place I've ever seen that... O_o