Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Wisconsin Recall Contest Won By Democrat; More To Follow

Green Bay State Senator Dave Hansen, (D), is a great guy and a fine Senator, so its wonderful to see his landslide win in an area that has seen growth by Republicans in recent years.

I think this presages more victories in the next month's eight Wisconsin Senate recall races.


Anonymous said...

VanderLeest gathered 13,852 signatures to trigger the recall election. In Tuesday's election, with 99% of the votes reported, he received 10,604 votes -- about 3000 fewer votes than signatures gathered.


Anonymous said...

Give me a break Jim, the Republican in this election was a joke. Vanderleest had a criminal record, even I as a stauch would not vote for him. My family in the Green Bay area did not vote either, because he was such a bad candadate.