Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Wisconsin Highway Expansion Challenged In Court

WisDOT is up to its old tricks again - - paving wetlands, shutting up citizens, wasting millions - - and now they'll have to justify their Highway 23 boondoogle in court.

Things didn't go too well for the road-building complex when they tangled with the Highway J Coalition in Washington and Waukesha Counties.

Dang federal laws and due process!


Paul Trotter said...

"BUT BUT I make the rules!" I just wanna build my woady!" said King Scooter.

Ron R said...

It both sad and telling that they are just now bringing suit over something that happened 6yrs ago or longer. It seems to build anything in this state that liberals don't agree with you better build a 10-15yr delay to fight lawsuits into your plan.

James Rowen said...

Bo, Ron R; The highway expansion has not begun.

Ron R said...

James, that is because the 15yr delay is not over yet. It was only recommended by the legislature in 1999.

Warnign for James: Heavy Sarcasm

Anonymous said...

Ron, why are you so eager to spend my tax money for this highway boondoggle? If you want this road expanded to 4 lanes, you pay for it.