Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crime In Irony Town, (New Berlin), Apparently Can Happen Away From "Affordable" Housing

A house guest is charged with stealing a gun and other items from the Mayor's house to trade for drugs.

This story would been bumped a little higher on news budgets because of where the alleged thefts took place, but it illuminates wider issues because New Berlin is the Milwaukee-area suburb charged by the federal government with housing bias, with remarks like this in accounts of the official paperwork:

The complaint cites correspondence that mentioned "white flight," crime, drugs, slums, gangs, families with 10 or 15 kids, needing "to get a gun," not wanting New Berlin to turn into Milwaukee, moving to New Berlin "to get away from the poor people," not wanting to provide housing to people "who work but do not live here." Some writers also used racially derogatory terms for African-Americans.

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