Thursday, July 21, 2011

Republicans Employ Ten-Year Chokehold

Legislative Republicans, elevating the chokehold to a ten-year plan, finished their hurried work to redistrict the state, with twin goals:

Finish the taxpayer-paid work using private attorneys before the State Senate might tip back to Democratic control after the August recall elections;

Create representation that will be about 60% Republican for the next ten years, if the courts approve the scheme.

You'd think that Republicans would have learned that power-grabbing turns off the electorate: Scott Walker and his legislative allies forfeited moral, leadership claims and usurped power through the union-busting measure and other bills, only to see the recall elections threaten their control of the Senate, crush their credibility, drive down GOP poll numbers and make Walker's recall election a looming certainty.

But they have forged ahead with fast-tracked redistricting so quickly that local governments, which normally go first after a decennial census, will have to throw out their costly work and start over to abide by the legislative mapping lines.

Here's a telling bit of evidence that even Republican legislators know their redistricting practice and product has been a sham - - the line below is taken from the Madison State Journal's account of how the bills were approved prior to being sent to Walker for his rubber-stamping:

No Republican spoke during debate of the maps prior to the votes to pass them.
Reminds me of my years as a summer camp counselor. When the boys had messed up, and you asked, "who did this?," they'd all stand around silently and look at the ground.


Anonymous said...

As Obama once said, elections have consequences!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't making one district more Republican, necessarily mean you are making one or more districts more Democrat?

So what is all the Dem whining about?

Anonymous said...

Awesome - thx for the good news James!

James Rowen said...

To Anony 3:41 p.m. The plan makes districts safe favoring the GOP about 60-40.

Paul Berge said...

Hey anonynony 3:41: This plan takes swing districts such as the 21st, and makes them solidly Republican by emptying its Democrats into the already Dem-leaning 22nd (while simultaneously redistricting the 22nd SD's senator out of his district).