Friday, July 22, 2011

Wisconsin Will Require Voter ID - - But Will Close Some Offices Which Provide A Qualifying ID

If that isn't voter suppression, what is?


Paul Trotter said...

Indiana's access to obtaining voter IDs is better than the current system in Wisconsin. Further closures of DMV offices will make Wisconsin even more restrictive than INDIANA'S! Is that Walker's intention. Every Senior and those without voter IDs in every voting ward will remember how difficult it was to obtain an ID under Walker! Waiting in long lines to vote because of Voter ID INTIMIDATION and Signatures is reason for significant concern. Get the recall Walker pledge sheets out during elections!

gnarlytrombone said...

make Wisconsin even more restrictive than INDIANA'S

It already is by a longshot. And the Supreme Court's blessing of Indiana's law was predicated on what was claimed to be the ease of access.