Friday, July 29, 2011

Headline Of The Summer

Someone on the copy desk at the Washington Post nails it on top of a Kathleen Parker piece:

The Tea Fragger Party

Her piece is far better than my effort.

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Anonymous said...

While I'm beside myself with joy that you are admiring a write who is NOT Dana Milbank and while I also don't really feel in a mood to suck up - i think you're comparing rather unrelated writing bits.
Yes, she made good points quickly and with a bit of I dunno...elegance. And I think she does a fine job of it in general. BUT a blog post does not directly compare with what she was doing there. I didn't wanna say "apples to oranges" but you know what I mean

Someday I'll write my magnum opus on how Dana Milbank's writing is like a bag of Doritos. (Original flavor)