Friday, July 22, 2011

Walker DNR Engaging In Nanny State Social Engineering

I'm glad the Walker DNR is continuing to accept and distribute these federal handouts, though I'm not sure why any self-respecting private-sector firm in WalkerWorld these days would want a single Obama dollar.

Applications due August 26 for new clean diesel grant

Heavy-duty diesel vehicle emissionsWisconsin DNR is offering approximately $720,000 in grants to help both public and private fleets reduce their diesel emissions. Funding comes from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through monies allocated by the federal Diesel Emissions Reductions Act. On-road, off-road and stationary engine projects are eligible for grants. DNR's Clean Diesel Grants webpage provides additional details, including links to downloadable documents required as part of the grant application. Application packets must be postmarked by Friday, August 26, 2011.
For more information contact Jessica Lawent, email or phone 414-263-8653.

Worse, the program summary highlights the clear social engineering involved:
The Wisconsin DNR, with support through the Wisconsin Clean Diesel Coalition, encourages diesel operators to undertake a variety of emission reduction strategies in an effort to improve air quality, safeguard public health and reduce fuel consumption. DNR and other organizations offer several grant programs to encourage and assist these efforts.

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