Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The No-Compromise Way Is No Way To Run A Government

You will remember that Scott Walker refused to negotiate with unions that said they would agree to the financial concessions he wanted.

That's because he wanted the whole ball of wax - - terminating the political effectiveness of unions and removing them from the scene.

Now we have Republicans in Congress - - fueled by the same Tea Party fervor that put Walker over the top in Wisconsin with his 52% mandate -- refusing to negotiate with President Obama on the matter of adding revenues to a deficit-reduction approach that would increase taxes on the wealthiest two-percent of taxpayers.

Government represents the entire public, which by its nature is diverse.

One party seeking to use government to win everything will produce a stalemate, hard feelings, and blow back - - which is already happening in Wisconsin with recall elections aimed primarily at Republicans who endorsed Walker's methods.

Republican game-players in the Congress could well suffer a similar fate - - even so-called untouchables in safe seats, like Janesville's Republican Paul Ryan.

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