Monday, July 25, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans Tell Unemployed To Stay On The Ramen Noodle, Cat Food Diet

They've made thousands of long-term unemployed Wisconsin workers wait and worry since April 16  - - 100 days today! - - for the distribution of available Federal unemployment insurance funds, so what's another couple of weeks to the well-paid, benefits'-smothered Republican state legislators who control both houses?


Anonymous said...

I guess the Republicans decided that the unemployed can vote and since 10% of the state doesn't have a job, that's a lot of votes!!!

Anonymous said...

"Bottom line, the GOP legislators tried a cynical move, got called on it, and have been exposed yet again for following the ALEC/ Koch playbok instead of caring for the best interests of Wisconsinites. PUT THEM ALL IN THE SWAMP."

A. Wag said...

The staffer was going to stab the middle class in the back with his knife, but he missed and got his hand instead,