Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cap Times Editor Minces No Words About GOP Sentencing Bill

Madison Capital Times editor Paul Fanlund does some old-fashioned reporting to come up with important information and conclusions about a new Scott Walker/GOP truth-in-sentencing [sic] law that goes after recidivist crime that does not exist.


The entire GOP framing, as with so many things in recent months, is somewhere on the continuum between a gross distortion and, well, an outright lie.

Given that the facts directly contradict the breathless GOP condemnation of the earned-release program, it's hard to know where to start...
It's good theater and, for Walker, apparently effective politics -- albeit the politics of distorting facts and demonizing foes. Wisconsin used to be so much better -- and smarter -- than this.
In fact, relapsing to bad behaviors (recidivism) is at the core of many recent GOP and Walker deceptions, false statements and, as Fanlund would put it, "outright" lies, so who's zooming who here?

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