Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Face Of Wisconsin Republican Party: Puppy Mill Puppies

From the same party withholding unemployment assistance from people since April 16:

A Washington County Republican state legislator wants to ease regulations on puppy mills.

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Don Pridemore, R-Hartford, would significantly raise the number of dogs that may be sold by dog breeders who don't have licenses from the state.

"Mass dog breeding through ‘puppy mills' is big business," Pridemore said in a Tuesday email seeking cosponsors
Possible bill titles: Wisconsin Needs More Puppy Mills Act; Man [Pridemore] Bites Man Act; Wisconsin Is Open To Puppy Mills Act; Republican Party Goes Crazy Act.

Pick your photo from this Wisconsin site, winter samples below:

These dogs will live out their entire lives out in the heat and cold, in these small wire pens.

Is this any way for Man's Best Friend to live?

...this is the way dogs will continue to be housed in Wisconsin Puppy Mills.
Photo taken in north central Wisconsin, Dec 2002.
Temperature was 12 degrees.
Please note that there was no way the little dog, whom you can just see sitting in that cage, could get inside out of the weather.


Paul Trotter said...

This has been shared! Not only are the republicans bizzaro but also heartless greedy puppy and bitch abusers!

Anonymous said...

Bad idea to suggest this is what all Republicans want just because Pridemore introduces it. Like saying all Dems want something simply because the oddest Dem wants it. As a Republican, I think animal cruelty is one issue you could actually get consensus on if you actually decided it was more important than yet another pointless partisan shot.

James Rowen said...

Then come out with your name and others and rip Pridemore.

Paul Trotter said...

Well maybe I was a little extreme and overgeneralized. Pridemore has now defined himself as a heartless and greedy puppy and bitch ( female dog mommy) abusing promoter. Anyone who authors this bill with him will possess the same qualities. How can he even consider this after looking at these pictures of helpless puppies and their grieving mothers wallowing in their urine and feces?