Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Google's Blogger Comment Function Is Hung Up

As my former Journal Sentinel colleague Whitney Gould would say - - patience, gentle readers...


James Rowen said...

And fixed. The Internet Gods are dealing tonight.

Anonymous said...

Gould? I remember that name.

Anonymous said...

Hey there.

Trying a different approach for a bit. Very wonkish - WiBloggy inspired art/design/etc...
First up- a Bloody Balloon Incident design, suitable for...I dunno, t-shirts maybe. (and you gotta give me extra credit for speed on this one !!)
Also fyi - I did begin a bit of sketching that was a "twist" on your idea about the Supreme Choking Incident, but I wasn't in the zone and there's nothing see-worthy at this point. Will let you know if I get inspired.

So, this is me StrangeMetaphor.deviantart.com
(not actually case sensitive)
or here -