Monday, July 25, 2011

Urban Wilderness Blog Illustrates Underwood Creek/Waukesha Diversion Wastewater Issues

Excellent photos and text.


Anonymous said...

It also makes a couple pretty egregious factual errors:

1. Waukesha County is not seeking to discharge its treated wastewater to Underwood Creek. The proposal is for the City of Waukesha to discharge there as return flow.

2. The DNR has not approved the City of Waukesha's application for a diversion of Lake Michigan water. It has only stated that the city's application is complete enough to begin reviewing and evaluating.

eddee said...

Duly noted and amended. Thanks for the corrections. Neither correction is substantive to the major point of the post, which is to encourage people to find out more themselves by A) going to the link provided and B) attending the public hearing.