Monday, July 25, 2011

PolitiFact Finds Few Walker Statements "True"

Is this any way to run a state?

PolitiFact has examined 31 statements by Scott Walker and rated only eight of them, or 25%, as "True" or "Mostly True," its scorecard shows, with three more scored "Half True."

So  only 11 of 31, or 34%, are half true, or better.

On the other hand 65% of Walker statements investigated - -  20 of 31 - - were rated either "Barely True," "False" (his largest category, 40%) or "Pants on Fire."

So even giving Walker credit for statements half true, there is still a 2:1 split on the "Barely True" or worse side of the honesty equation.

I had been tracking this periodically, but had overlooked the PolitiFact summaries.

Worse for Wisconsin - -  I think it's part of a bigger picture for this Governor.

Since we are constantly told that government should be run like a business, can you name one business that would tolerate similar public behavior by its CEO, either when he was on the job or auditioning for it?
As of July 25, 2011, PolitFact has posted this:
Scott Walker's file:

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