Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scott Walker Comedy Alert

A knee-slapping headline from the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Walker says he wants to work with Democrats

Predicted, ahem, here last week, when I wrote:

Scott Walker and Republican legislators are seeing their poll numbers drop into the anathema zone... I expect Walker to try and show something of a more moderate face the rest of the year, but the die is cast by the GOP's hand, and his recall is coming.


Paul Trotter said...

The sociopath has regrets??? He may be listening to someone besides Jesus!

Paul Trotter said...

I'm putting up my 5x10 recall Walker banner up on Monday.

Anonymous said...

King Scottie had his chance to "work with Democrats" when he took office. Instead, he steamrolled them and everything they stand for. His "David Koch" interview shows his true level of regard for the opposing party, which is to say: None. The Dems' response to The King and his desire to "work with" them should be: Go straight to Hades. Unless of course The King is willing to go back and undo the damage he has already done. I know which way to bet on that. King Scottie wants to "work with" Dems only because he hears the footsteps of recall coming. On with it. Out with Walker. Give of your time and money and drum this clown out of office ASAP.

Ted Rulseh

buckyblue said...

I think it's called Delusional. Say, sorry I raped you last night but I think we could still be friends. Recall, Recall, Recall.

rich said...

It's a malascottism. He meant he "was looking forward to working them over."

Paul Trotter said...

"It's a malascottism."

That's a new term that belongs in the annals of Wisconsin history. Very good!

Anonymous said...

Too little, too late, MR. Walker.