Monday, July 11, 2011

Republicans Have Wisconsin In A Chokehold

The chokehold: from allegation to Wisconsin political metaphor and reality.

If you are a Democrat in a swing district;

If you are a public employee;

If you are a low-income, employed worker;

If you are a transit user;

If you support obstruction-free voting;

If you thought all the polls were open on election day;

If you valued old-timey concepts, like home rule or local control;

If you are a believer in checks-and-balances, democratic process and traditional open government;

If that's you, Bucky, then Republican Gov. Scott Walker, the Republican Fitzgerald brothers running the legislature on his behalf, and the State Supreme Court (read: Republican) majority have you and me in a chokehold.


Paul Trotter said...

Well, that sums it up quite well and could be used on the Walker recall flyer.

Anonymous said...

In total agreement on this one. U betcha.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the same could have been said under the Doyle administration, democratic control of the assembly and senate.

enoughalready said...

Great analogy/metaphor. And how does one break a chokehold? A good knee to the gut or the groin ought to do the trick. Let the recalls begin!

Btw, Anonymous, I do not believe the Democrats controlled the judicial branch as the Republicans now do.

JB said...

This just in --

From the Wisconsin State Journal, in an article describing Peter Barca's attempt to get Gov. Walker involved in moderating the redistricting maps:

"To me, no matter what the process is, the product is the most important thing," Walker said. "I'm going to look at what the product is. I haven't looked at the maps yet so it would be premature to look at the process."

Ain't that the truth for this guy.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

"I haven't looked at the maps yet."? What, I thought Scotty had the platinum-level access to the Koch Suckers Club, and "getting a sneak preview of gerrymandered maps" was one of the benefits to moving up to that status!