Monday, March 14, 2011

Like Most Of Walker Budget, Ending Recycling Support Is Political Garbage

Somewhat overlooked, but getting its proper attention - - Scott Walker's budget ends state support for local recycling efforts, which, as this op-ed points out, is a really bad idea.  Look for lots of local officials to become borne-again environmentalists.

Will Scott Walker be putting these signs at the border:

Wisconsin: Come See Our Over-Flowing Landfills

Walker is already reducing state air quality activity and ending water quality enforcement initiatives.

And in the process, is turning thousands of everyday Wisconsinites into invigorated political activists who are moving through recall elections to rid the state of right-wing extremism, and to retake their government.


nonquixote said...

Let everyone in WI remember that nearly every Republican State Legislator is complicit in wreaking this inexcusable environmental degradation on the state. Walker could not have done this without the eager attention of the boot-licking bobble-heads posing as legislators.

Anonymous said...

The writer you link to correctly (but a bit too briefly) mentions that this is a JOB KILLER

People are employed now who probably are not able to get lots of other types of work. Anything with garbage hauling or recycling it isn't an easy job. Few people have that as their top career choice.
it would take some effort and some prior knowledge of the industry to write a fully informed intelligent piece on the REAL and TOTAL effects of this change. Walker can rest easy that will not happen.

What will the impact be on those states who DO continue to recycle? the impact on reducing the stream of materials that is re-used? if other states follow Walker, what happens to the industries that depend on recyclables for their own products? Whether those businesses are in WI or not, it's a job-killer. Yes I know a small fraction of waste is successfully re-used now, however, a more bottom-up view ( a workers, or individual view) this has to be added to the large number of lost jobs that will soon begin to snowball into an ugly mass as a result of the fact that Scott Walker is sucking air in the Capitol.

And what the author DID NOT MENTION (and a real reporter should go ask, find out dammit!) it doesn't mention that garbage haulers have invested LOTS of money in recycling equipment. That stuff was not cheap, not by a long shot.
How do those business persons feel about this?
Now perhaps this equipment has all reached a depreciation point where they have no more tax write-offs or something. I'm neither a business woman, not an accountant, nor do I play those on TV. However. this aspect of Walker's re-Tooling of America KILLS JOBS and KILLS NEW BUSINESS TYPES.

another group? any R and D people who are currently working on new innovations, ways to take more out of the garbage stream or further use those things that already are. Those people/jobs/industries are all negated too.

Scott Walker is actually anti-business, and anti-job. All he is, is pro-crony. That's not just a tag-line, that's becoming more apparent and more empirically provable every day.

kelvin said...

this was true to that of the environmental cause of the following ends ....thank you.....