Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When All Right Means All Wrong In Waukesha County

Does it ever occur to anyone in a position of authority in the Greater Waukesha vicinity that every time they make a hard right turn, or meddle in Milwaukee labor and budget affairs, or further cement barriers between Milwaukee and Waukesha they are making it easier - - I'd say odds-on predictable - - for Milwaukee officials to reject the City of Waukesha's eventual bid for Milwaukee water?

After helping stick it in so many ways to Milwaukee, it would make perfect sense for the City of Milwaukee to say to Waukesha officials - - "Enjoy your freedom to pay millions more to pipe in water from Racine or Oak Creek."


Water Lily said...

Yet Walker claims he's "created 10,000 jobs in Wisconsin since we took over" and that "we're right on track".

I never saw any media report or follow-up where anyone asked him for evidence and which 10,000 jobs he was counting.

If we don't challenge him on each and every thing he says, he'll just continue to get away with it.

James Rowen said...

The economy - - local, state, regional, national, international - - creates, deletes, transfers and otherwise influences jobs.

We have to make sure Walker can cite chapter and verse for every state program, grant, initiative, etc. that is directly tied to the arrival of or establishment of new jobs.

And I don't want to see any formula rolled out by the Heritage Foundation or some Koch Industries consultant or Fox news 'reporter' that points to six out of ten economists saying that Milton Friedman once dreamed that every dollar of reduced state tax, or every x% bump in the capital gains rate or depreciation schedules or loss carry-forwards, you can attribute or claim Y number of jobs cre