Monday, March 28, 2011

Wauwatosa, A Dim Memory, Grabbed

Tom Held and the graphics people at Journal Sentinel do a masterful job showing how the Zoo Interchange plan favored by Scott Walker's DOT grabs a lot of land for an LA-Freeway worthy expansion for the intersection of Blue Mound Rd. and Mayfair Rd. that is just north of the core of the I-94.894/Highway 45 interchange in Wauwatosa.

Some of that land is on or near the Milwaukee County Grounds - - or should I say the fast-disappearing County Grounds - -  where a scheme cooked up by UWM, area business leaders, the Milwaukee County Board and then-County Executive Walker will also pave over 80-some acres on the County Grounds for an engineering school and research center that will bring more pavement and traffic and 'development' to the area.

I find it interesting that the Wisconsin Historical Society says there are several possible meanings for the name "Wauwatosa," among them "the great walker, "or "dim of memory," or "I grabbed something." 

I'd go with "Walker, dim of memory, grabbed something."

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Anonymous said...

I don't like the plan, but I think it is better than their prior plan. At least it's fewer lanes fomenting sprawl to the west. That seems significant to me. The lack of including transit in the process, however, is terrible.