Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Standard For Evaluating Walker: "Isn't As Bad As Some Feared..."

So says The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel edit board about Walker's environmental proposals, though the editorial correctly takes issue with three major matters - - budget cuts to recycling, further budget barriers to Stewardship fund purchases and a major retreat on preventing phosphorus contamination of rivers and lakes.

Some of these proposals may not win legislative approval, as even some Republicans think abandoning state recycling requirements and financial assistance to local governments is unacceptable.

The editorial did not mention Walker's easing of wetlands filling, his deep, proposed cuts to transit, budgeted reductions in state energy planning, abandonment of requirements to purchase certain fuel-efficient vehicles for state fleets, and his support for the near-total restriction on wind turbine siting - - all of which will have negative impacts on clean air and water in Wisconsin.

"Isn't as bad as some feared" still sets us back decades.


Completely Disgusted said...

The MJS can't even write an editorial without arguing with itself, so afraid of riling up half of its ever-dwindling readership.(Reminder: half of nothing is nothing.)

'Not as bad as some feared' leaves a lot of territory uncovered in the what-will-he-do-next guessing game. To the brilliant minds at MJS:

How do you know it won't get much, much, much worse, even in the year he has left on his ticket before the recall begins?

'some' means how many -- and who? Who is imagining the worst? Whose worst?

What's the worst? How do you quantify what's the worst and how do you determine what's not as bad?

How do you know that some aren't thinking that this is way, way worse than I feared?

Yep--in context, the quivering, equivocating souls on the MJS editorial board have wasted six words and managed to invalidate everything that's written after. That's even lower than some feared they were capable of going.

enoughalready said...

Speaking of Walker and water, today (Tuesday) was World Water Day. To connect with the National Geographic Society's freshwater initiative, click here: http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/freshwater/about-freshwater-initiative/

Da said...

Oh, they're just setting the table to endorse Jeff Stone for executive in the general election. "Stone's been linked with Walker and Walker's not that bad, so Stone is better than the spoiled rich kid who isn't paying for parking and drives drunk."

Anonymous said...

This one has Paddy Mac written all over it.

James Rowen said...

To Anonymous: He is not on the editorial board anymore. His column is a separate contribution.