Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Supreme Court Candidates Race Devolves To Facebook Level

Egads. I thought that sitting Justice David Prosser had already shown far too thin a skin, but now the intelely-politicized Wisconsin Supreme Court race for Prosser's seat has found an even lower low, as this Journal Sentinel story has Prosser complaining in front of a law school audience about a comment about him on opponent JoAnne Kloppenberg's Facebook page:

"That prompted Prosser to criticize comments made by people on Kloppenburg's Facebook page regarding Walker's budget-repair bill.

"Prosser quoted one of the Facebook comments: "Stop the turd, vote Kloppenburg."
"Now, am I the turd?" Prosser said. That's totally inappropriate."
"Kloppenburg said she's not responsible for postings by other people on her campaign's Facebook page."
Facebook? Comments? On a Supreme Court Justice's mind? And volunteered as a rhetorical question in to a campaign debate at a law school?

All too weird.



Judy Karofsky said...

Good thing he doesn't read the Twitter feed!

tomkraj said...

Actually he followed up the question with another equally astounding question "Or is Governor Walker the turd?" From WPR news broadcast.

James Rowen said...

I hear Target sold out of punch bowls.

tomkraj said...

Wispolitics.com has the quote slightly different than I recall but the essential is there.

Prosser called the postings a direct attack on the independence of the judiciary and was particularly disturbed by one post.

“It says, 'Stop the turd, vote Kloppenburg,'” he said. "Am I the turd or is the governor the turd?"


Anonymous said...

If you like that, go to "Kloppenburg defeats Prosser" on YouTube